World Hoop Day Detroit Press Release


The Detroit Hoopers partner with the Detroit Dream Project, Motor City Blight Busters and SPARC to celebrate

“World Hoop Day Detroit�

Hula hoop donations and more * Aug, 8, 2008 * 4 – 8 p.m.

* Temple of the American Dream

The wheels have been turning, and on Friday, August 8 (08/08/08), Detroit will join major cities around the world in celebrating “World Hoop Day.� This international holiday is dedicated to promoting hula hooping for fun and fitness. Think of it like Hands Across America – but hula hoops around the world. From New York and Los Angeles to Tel Aviv and Berlin, the whole planet will be hooping it up on 08/08/08. For an interactive map of participating cities, visit

Last year’s “World Hoop Day Detroit� celebration took place at Comerica Cityfest and was attended by hundreds of local kids and families. The Detroit Hoopers, a group of local volunteers, organized the 2007 event and gave away 50 custom-made hoops to local non-profit Alternatives for Girls. The New Center Council also funded 250 store-bought hoops to give away to kids in the Cityfest crowd.

What could top that? World Hoop Day 2008 of course! This year, the Detroit Hoopers are partnering with the Detroit Dream Project, Motor City Blight Busters and Society to Promote Art & Recreation in the Community (SPARC) to host a hooping extravaganza at the Temple of the American Dream (in historic Old Redford). The event will include hooping lessons, prizes, a hoop jam and more.

Everyone’s invited (with a hoop if they have one, empty-handed if they don’t) to help represent Detroit on World Hoop Day. The point is just to get as many Detroiters as possible out to The Temple of the American Dream, from 4-8 p.m., to have fun and represent our city. And who wants to be the only person on the planet not hula hooping on 08/08/08?

World Hoop Day international was founded by New York hoop dancer Annie Leffingwell O’Keeffe. The 2008 World Hoop Day Detroit celebration was organized by “The Detroit Hoopersâ€?: Faith Shinaver, Danielle Kaltz, Micha Adams, Susie Elfakir and professional hoop performer Revolva.

The Temple of the American Dream is a public art park and temple pavilion, located in the Old Redford / Brightmoor area of Detroit (17363 Lahser Rd., Detroit, Michigan 48219) designed by artist David Best and built by the Detroit Dream Project team. SPARC is dedicated to directly improving the economy and community of Detroit by furthering the idea that the creation of art is an essential element of community life. For twenty years, Motor City Blight Busters has been committed to stabilizing, revitalizing and beautifying the City of Detroit.

Together, we can make this a hooping holiday to remember. See you at World Hoop Day Detroit!

For more information, contact Faith Shinaver at 248-854-7498.